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About The Space - Brooklyn

In this busy, high tech world of ours, we know how difficult it is to get a moment to yourself. With this in mind, we created a space, and a program, that pampers the mind, body and soul. Our specialized classes, led by master instructors, with a slew of schedule options, ensures we have the perfect program, just for you.


The Space is a community. We’re here to help you get fitter and stronger, and we expect that as you get comfortable, you’ll help other people get fitter and stronger too. This is a home-grown facility, where we will notice when you’re here and when you’re not.  Your trainers will keep tabs on your progress and are always available to help get you reaching your goals.

The Specialist

At The Space, exceptional coaching is the norm. We hand-pick our Instructors. Each is a specialist in their field and is passionate about helping people move better. It’s important to us that our Instructors be exceptional at teaching beginner level students through advanced. And we’ll support you along the way. We’ll ask you about your goals, pay attention to your progress, and give you personalized advice to get you at the top of your game.

Just Start

Getting to your first class can be daunting. Will I keep up? Am I strong enough? Will the classes be too hard? Our classes are scalable to any level — we have members who are old, young, big, small, and everything in between. And when it comes to wondering about waiting for a better time, THERE IS NO BETTER TIME than today. Come take a free trial class and see for yourself!

And keep at it. You deserve it.

Once you get started and have found the program that fits for you, keep at it. When talking about reaching your goals the number one rule to follow is JUST SHOW UP!