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Pilates is a vigorous full body workout that strengthens and stretches simultaneously making it an extremely efficient practice. Core strength is the foundation of Pilates exercises, while the focus is on quality of movement rather than the amount of reps performed or weights lifted. This creates strength without bulk. By working the body evenly, no muscles are ever over or under–trained, which helps correct muscle imbalances and prevents future injuries. Other benefits include improved posture, coordination, strength and flexibility. For decades, it’s been the exercise of choice for dancers and gymnasts, and now it has reached the masses. Come along for the ride, you won’t regret it.

Vinyasa Yoga / Yoga Flow Vinyasa yoga is often faster paced, and the asanas (postures) are linked together in a series of movements that are synchronized with the breath. Much emphasis is placed on the breath and the transition in and out of the asanas.
In a Yoga Flow class, aka “Vinyasa” Yoga, poses flow together in a sequence, linked by breath. This class is vinyasa-based; “vinyasa” translates as “step-by-step” and emphasizes moving confidently from one pose to another. Variations and scaling options are given so that this practice is appropriate for all levels. This is a smooth yoga where the poses run together and become like a dance.

Power Yoga — Power Yoga is a Flow at a more energizing pace. Students will continue to build strength and flexibility as they explore more challenging and creative sequences.

 Prenatal Yoga — Prenatal Yoga is a practice designed especially for expectant mothers, of all levels and experience. Safe sequencing helps to maintain strength and energy during pregnancy; postures help alleviate common prenatal discomforts like sciatica and back pain. Prenatal Yoga has also shown to foster a better birthing experience.

 Lunch Flow — Beat the afternoon slump and flow through it instead! An all-levels class designed to strengthen, lengthen, and energize all in a 1hr lunch break!

 Beginner Yoga — Build a strong foundation or go back to basics! This class focuses on specific and precise alignment, building strength and increasing flexibility. Appropriate for all bodies!

Postpartum Yoga — This class focuses on rebuilding and rediscovering the strength you may have lost in pregnancy. We will specifically target the low back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, additionally working to stretch and open the muscles in the front of the chest and shoulders. Moms are always welcome to bring babies!

Zumba is a fitness program that combines Latin music and easy-to-follow dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training, alternating fast and slow rhythms and resistance training. Zumba’s fans love it because Zumba is a fun way to work out.
Zumba is truly for anyone who can stand up and dance. And “dance” is a very liberal term here, as no dance experience or skills are necessary. People of all ages, shapes and sizes are welcome and encouraged to attend classes. If you can move and like fun music, this class is for you.
Most Zumba classes are an hour long. They begin with a dynamic warm-up and end with a cool down and some static stretching. The workout portion is broken down by song, each with a different dance routine. While many of the dance moves instructors use are pre-choreographed by Zumba, instructors often add their own flair, dance steps or even create an entirely new routine to their favorite songs. Common moves in class are mambas, V-steps with exaggerated movements, cha-cha-chas and side touches.

Boot Camp at The Space is a vigorous workout that combines strength training, aerobics and gymnastics all-in-one so that you become fitter than you ever imagined.
Our instructors ensure a balance of Intensity, Effort, Community, and Coaching, and is one of the best ways to do physical training in a group setting.
Classes are 60 minutes and typically start with a dynamic warm up and various mobility exercises designed to get your body ready to work safely and effectively.  The main body of the Boot Camp workout session is comprised of combinations of strength and aerobic conditioning exercises, which can employ any of the following, and more: Body Weight, kettlebells, jump-rope, medicine balls, rowing, squatting and more. And the best part, you’ll never do the same workout two days in a row, or even ten!